Timeless driven fashion

Experience makes it work

By evolving a passion for fashion in an early stage of life, I got to learn a lot, particularly in bespoken men’s fashion.

Unfading way of designing

Creating by doing

Everything starts with an idea, a lot of sketching and a lot of trying, with the ability to evolve in the process, the result is a unique piece of fashion.

looking after every yarn

Sustain for the better

Looking after every yarn sewed into my pieces to provide a sustainable future, for the people producing the fabric and the ones who wear it.

Traditional passion

Culture is key

Creating Fashion and living life all over the world, gathered many impressions that reflects in my unfading way of designing.

A store to create

A space to meet

Our store in Vienna is a space where in which everybody is welcomed to collaborate and share their visions. Stop by, get some pieces from our collection or get your perfectly fitted and designed piece of clothe – exclusively for you.

Modern nomad

Me, myself and I

Timeless and Individual is not only a description of my design approach, its also a description of myself.


Enhancement of individuality and self perception